15th June 2014

A Super Hero For Service

Severn Trent’s new Chief Executive, Liv Garfield, is gathering a company of customer service ambassadors to help set a new standard in the industry and achieve number 1 ranking for Severn Trent.

In a recent fun-fueled, stimulating session, colleagues from across the Severn Trent business came together for a dedicated ‘Customer Day’ to share and discuss ideas for improving customer service and creating ambassadors of their customers. 150 colleagues were picked from nearly 600 applications to take part in the session and then help drive cultural change within the organisation.

With a clear brief to be ‘not like normal’, the day moved away from Severn Trent’s conventional look and feel and corporate environment to incorporate a super hero / comic book style theme with session areas kitted out with props and furniture that all added to the ‘this is not business as usual’ experience.

We were involved in theme and design development and production and procurement of all elements needed for the session space and the various activities and games.

Kate Donovan, Severn Trent’s Internal Communications Manager, described the day as “…fab. The atmosphere on the day was fantastic with lots of ideas generated.” And the buzz doesn’t stop there… Severn Trent’s Executive Committee have agreed to consider all ideas and share an action plan within the next few weeks!

DSC_0645 IMG_0616 DSC_0705


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