12th June 2013

An eye on the globe!

Ever wondered what other people around the world search for on Google? Well now you can see – in real time – using ‘Google Trends’. This extremely clever, and at the same time quite scary, webpage shows the search trends that are being typed in across the globe at that exact point in time. The simple, dynamic design and use of colour is mesmerising, and you can quite easily get lost in the shapes and search words.

You can tailor the page to region and choose how many searches are shown at one time. We personally prefer to view the maximum number of searches. This produces a colourful, dancing, abstract view of the world.

If you have five minutes take a look, but be warned it does draw you in!!

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    Harriet Strzelecki

    Head of Client Services

    Harriet is the agency’s Head of Client Services and Studio Manager. She manages major client projects as well as a team of in-house designers.

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