18th November 2019

Artwork: The devil’s in the detail

Whilst everyone can appreciate the visual creativity in a graphic designer’s hard work, have you ever thought about what is involved in getting from a design to a finished printed or digital asset? The devil is in the detail at this stage of the creative process, and it’s a role that’s both highly technical and detail-oriented. As rbl’s Senior Creative Artworker, I ensure that our creative design concepts are implemented correctly, fit for purpose and are on-brand.

Artworkers at rbl work to a detailed checklist, starting at the set-up stage and running right through to the end, once the client has given final approval and the final files are being handed over. rbl pride themselves on having a meticulous eye for detail and we artworkers very much steer the ship in this regard.

We work closely with rbl’s Client Services team to ensure that communication with clients is addressed at all stages. Often once a design is approved, clients want assets handed over within a short timeframe, but artwork preparation and all those final checks take time, and cutting corners for speed can result in mistakes. At rbl, because our checking and approval process is continuous from the start, we are able to meet our clients’ timing requirements without compromising the integrity of the work. The devil is indeed in the detail, but as long as we’re in there too, we’ll make sure he can’t cause any mischief.

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    Dan Wickes

    Senior Creative Artworker

    With over nine years' experience in both print and digital media and a keen eye for detail, he ensures brands are implemented consistently across all platforms.

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