11th March 2016

The benefit of taking time out

Last week I took our new management team away for two days. This might seem a bit over the top considering that rbl is only a relatively small agency. However, we’ve got some very experienced people who have joined the agency in the last 6 months and I wanted us to take some time out to look at our progress over the last year and to think carefully about where we are going over the next 12 months and beyond.

Taking time out together as a team like this is hugely valuable. When clients attend Brand Strategy workshops with us, as part of a strategic brand review process, they are making an important investment in their future. We set out to do much the same.

So what did we get out of the two days?

First a chance to know each other a bit better. It’s important if you are going to work together to run a business. We now know more about what motivates and matters to each other and that’s a very good thing in any business, especially a small, creative business like ours that relies upon strong relationships.

Second, we really took time to understand the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly about our agency. We all had the opportunity to get a few things off our chest and were allowed to be honest with each other about our successes and failures. This helped everyone to really understand our potential and to redefine our roles and responsibilities. (Much of this involved the team telling me what I should STOP doing!)

Third, we were able to develop a shared vision of what success looks like. We are now very clear about our priorities and have a clear plan to share with the rest of the team. And it’s no longer just Rebecca’s plan!

So, despite rumours to the contrary, it wasn’t a jolly. Yes, we had a nice dinner and some good wine, but we made an investment in each other, in the business and in our shared future.

I would advise every management team to try and make time to do the same. You’ll be surprised by the value you get from taking some time out.


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    Rebecca Battman

    Managing Director

    Rebecca is the founder and Managing Director of rbl. An experienced brand and marketing professional, Rebecca has spent over 30 years helping clients to build, design and manage their brands.

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