12th July 2013

Beyond London 2012 – a design legacy!

Last night, the Design Council celebrated the contribution of British designers to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games at an exclusive event held at a venue overlooking the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. ‘Beyond 2012: An ambitious design story’ invited our team to celebrate a creative legacy that has set a new standard in the British design industry.

RBL Director, Rebecca Battman, said “Having worked with the BOA since 2009, we experienced the thrill of seeing our work as the backdrop to an incredible chapter in British history. As a small agency from Leamington Spa, we are living proof that work from the Olympics did not always go to big companies based in London.”

Rebecca’s words formed part of a montage of quotes from designers, sportspeople and sporting bodies that proudly populated the walls of the Beyond 2012 celebration. The Design Council is working with the British creative community to extend the value and success of British design beyond 2012.

Check out Harriet and Andy lapping up the attention.

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    Harriet Strzelecki

    Head of Client Services

    Harriet is the agency’s Head of Client Services and Studio Manager. She manages major client projects as well as a team of in-house designers.

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