22nd March 2017

Big results for smaller budgets

Our full six-stage process is a winner. But, geared towards bigger businesses, it comes with a price tag that can put it out of reach for smaller companies. So that’s why we’ve created Brand Lite: a simpler way for smaller players to access the skills of our team – no frills, no fuss. Great results.

Many people approach us for help to address their brand, marketing and communications challenges. They can see we are good at what we do and know we have the right skills and knowledge to help them. Mostly, we are working for bigger clients on larger projects and campaigns. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the capacity and commitment to work with smaller, entrepreneurial brands. In fact, these projects fit nicely around our bigger branding programmes.

So we’ve developed a solution that enables us to deliver the perfect balance of strategy, creativity and delivery at an affordable price for businesses that are serious about brand but without the serious budgets! For this approach, we rely upon the client understanding how they need to work effectively to help us be as efficient as possible:

  • meetings are held here so our team has to spend less time travelling
  • information is delivered upfront
  • feedback is delivered quickly
  • a clear creative direction is agreed early on
  • amends are kept to a minimum

Village Properties, an estate agency in London, was the first client to trial our new solution for smaller brands. With stunning results. Read the full case study here.

Sam Avery, Founder and Director said:

“Brand Lite is excellent and is absolutely perfect for companies like mine. I think the whole branding process can be quite intimidating and business owners often think it’s going to be too expensive. But rbl is making a huge difference to smaller businesses, with a down-to-earth approach delivered in such a simple way.”

Since then, we’ve completed a number of Brand Lite projects. Take a look at some of them here.

If you’d like to know more about our Brand Lite product then please get in touch with Karen Newbold or use the comments below.


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Rebecca Battman

Managing Director

Rebecca is the founder and Managing Director of rbl. An experienced brand and marketing professional, Rebecca has spent over 30 years helping clients to build, design and manage their brands.

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