1st August 2014

Bigger and better

Today we upped sticks, crossed the courtyard and moved into our swanky new offices. We’ve taken two months to redesign the space, sort out the lighting, heating and cabling and get it all decorated just the way we wanted it.

Our new studio provides us with space to collaborate and create –  as a team and with our clients. It’s light, cool and spacious which is a bit different from our old, cosy home. It already feels normal and everyone is heads down and working hard on projects. We have a busy few months ahead.

We want clients to feel they can invite themselves to come and work here, making use of our Study and Library. So please find an excuse to swing by and take a look. You will always be welcome.

Along the way we’ve had help from some great people: MCI for all the electricals, Sean McConnomara for the spectacular mirrored wall, Abstract Flooring for the grey resin floor, CNC Routing for the bespoke fitted desks and kitchen table, Neil from the Geek Guy who sorted all the cabling and finally Rebecca’s son Josh who did ALL the painting. You were all amazing to work with guys so thank you from everyone at RBL.IMG_2507image

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  • Congratulations! Astonishing office, impeccable project, described by an inviting and pleasant text. The more I research, the more I admire this company.

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Harriet Strzelecki

Head of Client Services

Harriet is the agency’s Head of Client Services and Studio Manager. She manages major client projects as well as a team of in-house designers.

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