Rebecca Battman is an independent, expert Brand Consultant helping clients to build, design and manage powerful brands.

Rebecca Battman set up her eponymous agency in 2004 after running the Midlands’ largest brand agency for 14 years. She is a highly qualified and experienced brand consultant with her own unique, proven brand strategy process and model.

Rebecca is a qualified designer with a Master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in London and is a regular guest speaker and commentator on brand for organisations including the Design Council, London Business School and the BBC. She has also been a main board director of the Design Business Association.

At home in the boardroom and with the ability to grasp the essential dynamics of both the wider business and the leadership team, Rebecca quickly wins over hearts and minds. She has a rare combination of business logic and creative flair. She is unafraid to challenge and to ask the difficult questions, but always does so in a constructive way, rising above politics to achieve consensus. Her aim is always to help clients achieve their goals, using strategic creativity to deliver effective and lasting change.

What’s involved in branding?

Stage 1 – Brand research

We help you to understand people’s current perceptions of the business and brand, taking into account both internal and external audiences.  We get everyone on the same page, so we can agree on what needs to change.

Stage 2 – Brand strategy

We facilitate the high level discussion with your leadership team so you can align your business and brand strategies.

We then articulate this back, so you have a compelling story to tell backed up by a strong messaging platform. We resolve the brand architecture and any naming issues.

Stage 3 – Brand identity

We bring the strategy to life with a distinctive look and feel across your communications, physical spaces and brand experiences. This may include an update to your basic corporate identity.

Stage 4 – Brand planning

We help you to plan internal and external communications that will inform, engage and inspire your key audiences.

We maximise the impact and integration of different channels.

Stage 5 – Brand activation

We deliver specific design projects to clearly defined briefs, timetables and budgets.

Stage 6 – Brand management

We help you put in place the systems and processes that will support the brand long-term and add value to the business.

The brands we create:

  • achieve stand out
  • establish leadership
  • communicate a point-of-view
  • explain complex products and services
  • attract the brightest talent
  • help sell more
  • attract investment
World conference - strategic rebrand for World Sailing

rbl is a brand-led, creative agency providing the perfect balance between strategy, creativity and delivery for FTSE 100 businesses, entrepreneurial players, social enterprises, new start-ups and global challengers.

If you’re considering creating a new brand or reinvigorating an existing brand then contact us today and make a request for a 1:1 consultation with our Head of Brand, Rebecca Battman

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