23rd October 2015

Creative genius or total failure?

Guest blog from the lovely Hayley who is at rbl for a week’s work experience. 17 years old and a marketeer in the making!

Have you seen Channel 4’s new brand, released at the end of last month? It has been the topic of conversation here in the studio recently! Having looked into it more, it seems that it has sparked some very diverse views!

The team who were set the task of re-branding the channel said it was “One of the biggest, scariest briefs we’ve ever had.” Our team agree! Re-branding an already iconic brand with the world’s eyes on you is no small thing.

So, how has the actual ‘4’ changed? The Lambie Nairn font was scrapped and split into two – Horseferry and Chadwick. These, rather ironically, happen to be the two streets that Channel 4 sits on! They are both soft looking as far as fonts go. We particularly like Horseferry. It’s modern and fresh.

But have you seen the video? Link below.

We like it. It’s edgy, it’s young, it’s different, if not a little weird. The idents tell the story of how the ‘4’ evolved and have caused a marmite-style reaction. Here are some examples of what people are saying:

“Another upgrade that is really a downgrade. Epic fail.”

“They told us in college to never design our own logos. This is an example of the reason why.”

“Fantastic redesign, it’s both mature and disruptive – much like Channel 4 itself. Congratulations.”

“Lovely work all round. Be nice to see the screen indents used in print too- rather than the actual 4.”

On the one hand, people think it’s clever. On the other hand, people don’t understand it.

The people behind this re-brand are Jonathan Glazer (creator of the idents), 4creative, DBLG (behind the new identity concept), and graphic designer Neville Brody (the brains behind the two fonts). The heads of 4creative, Chris Bovill and John Allison, when questioned about the branding, said “Most TV branding these days is like watching wallpaper, it’s pleasant but it gets boring very quickly.”

Well, they’ve certainly given us something unique to watch. See it here.

What do you think? Creative genius or total failure?

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    Rebecca Battman

    Managing Director

    Rebecca is the founder and Managing Director of rbl. An experienced brand and marketing professional, Rebecca has spent over 30 years helping clients to build, design and manage their brands.

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