16th December 2016

Our Charity Christmas Challenge

For Christmas this year, we’ve come up with something really special. We’re inviting you to swap out your paper crowns for your thinking hats (don’t worry, it won’t be for too long…).

Anna, our Account Manager, loves doodling. So we put that to some good use, and asked her to draw us three Christmas pictures, which all can be described using the letters “r”, “b” and “l”.

Have a look at the video and pictures below and see if you can figure out what rbl stands for in each.

For every person that shares their guess on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, we are donating £5* to Guide Dogs for the Blind. They are a charity working all across the UK, but are based right on our door step in Leamington Spa.

Make sure you tag or mention us in your post, so that we can find it!


The answers will, of course, be revealed in time for Christmas.

* Up to a maximum of £1,000.

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    Phillip Schikora

    Phillip Schikora

    Strategy & Client Support

    Another talented and ambitious graduate from Warwick University, Phillip provides support to Rebecca for the research and strategy stages and is a key part of the Client Services team managing diverse accounts and projects.

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