23rd March 2016

How do you communicate with 28,000 people who aren’t listening?

Picture the scene; you’re at the football, it’s a local derby, it’s halftime, it’s nil nil. You’re pretty tense, trying to dissect the half with your friends, when someone starts talking to you about wet wipes!

That was the tricky brief we were given recently by Severn Trent, who asked us to produce two short films, highlighting items you shouldn’t flush down your loo or pour down your sink, to be shown at Stoke City vs Aston Villa.

Judging from the crowd’s reaction we managed to grab their attention.

Watch the films here, then below we discuss the three key things this project taught us about reaching disinterested audiences




1. Target your message

28,000 people would never be engaged in their entirety, so we targeted people who shared an overlapping interest with the client – children.

Wet wipes are part of daily life for families with young children. We knew that if we targeted young dads, we not only stood a good chance of reaching them, but they would also take the message home to the whole family.

2. Reflect the context

There is a saying in digital advertising that ‘context is king’. It refers to how adverts that are placed within content relevant to the ad have a higher response rate than those sitting in disconnected environment. Or to put it more bluntly when you’re at the football, you want to eat, drink, live and breathe football. So we made football central to our concept.

3. Paint in big brush strokes

And finally, if you are going to interrupt someone in a busy stadium environment, you had best be entertaining. That’s why we took our inspiration from silent movies. We painted a clear narrative with grand gestures and gentle humour that could cut through to even the most cynical of audiences.



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    Anna Berry

    Account Manager

    Anna is the part of the Client Services team, providing support to clients throughout brand development projects.

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