15th July 2015

Feel the fear, but do it anyway

The whole team spent today with the awesome Tessa Morton, working on our presentation skills.

Tessa is an accomplished actress who has found her niche helping major corporates and big name agencies to get real about presenting . (tessamorton.co.uk)

Rebecca attended an event in London where Tessa was speaking and was so impressed she asked her in to teach us all about how to be more confident, creative and authentic presenters. It was a revealing and inspirational day where everyone was put through their paces in front of their colleagues and a video camera!

Every day, we are trying to change the way people, think, feel and act using the power of ideas. If the idea is great, but our communication of it is pants, then we are never going to get anywhere. We are in the business of persuasion and that takes some skill.

We learned that; less is more; it’s ok to be nervous; you don’t need lots of slides but strong visuals can help; breathing matters; and a whole bunch of really useful stuff to ensure we are presenting with IMPACT, whatever our role is. It was scary, hilarious and morale boosting, all wrapped up with Tessa’s energy and passion.

Overall, we learned that we need to focus on the message and not the content and we need to really engage with our audience.

That’s pretty much what we do with the brands we create.

A good day all round. Thanks Tessa, from Team rbl.

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    Rebecca Battman

    Head of Brand

    Rebecca is Director of RBL. An experienced brand and marketing professional, Rebecca has spent her 25-year career helping businesses to build, design and manage their brands.

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