24th August 2010

Concerns for the future of the Design Council

Design Council LogoI’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the Design Council’s Design Immerse Programme for 6 years now. This initiative puts a team of people like me into businesses for a day to assess how effectively they are using design to create new products and services, market to customers and motivate people internally.

It’s a short, sharp, incisive programme that cuts through years of inertia to get businesses thinking and acting in a more progressive way with the sole objective of helping them to create tangible business value through investment in design.

Sadly it’s one of the public sector initiatives that is under scrutiny in the coalition Government’s October spending review and we’re all expecting the worse. Indeed the future of the whole Design Council is uncertain.

I fear for an economy that does not value design and that cannot find creative ways to get designers and business people together to explore the future:

  • What products and services should we be designing in future?
  • What do customers really want and need?
  • How can we create value in these goods?
  • How do we get our message across more convincingly?
  • How do we inspire and motivate our own people?

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