8th June 2017

General Election – Brand Strength Test overall results

As we reach the end of our General Election preview, we’ve rounded up all Brand Strength Test results of the past few days.

A little reminder as to what we’ve done:

We took a look at the big parties and analysed the strength of their brands using our unique Brand Strength Test tool.

We often get new and prospective clients, and their key stakeholders, to take this test to get a feel for their current brand performance. We then create an individual report with some helpful pointers on how to better build, design and manage their brand.

The individual reports are available here:



Liberal Democrats

We’ve really enjoyed sharing this slightly lighter take on the General Election, and hope you might find the reports useful for your own business.

If you’d like your very own Brand Strength Report, follow this link.

Finally, don’t forget to go out and vote today!

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    Phillip Schikora

    Phillip Schikora

    Strategy & Client Support

    Another talented and ambitious graduate from Warwick University, Phillip provides support to Rebecca for the research and strategy stages and is a key part of the Client Services team managing diverse accounts and projects.

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