15th November 2013

Inspiring children to think, feel and act differently about water

We have helped Severn Trent Water create and launch an engaging initiative, Water Champions. It’s been introduced to encourage schoolchildren, and their families, to think, feel and act differently in how they use water at school and at home.

Severn Trent Water want to give back to the communities they serve. Through the Water Champions scheme, employees are volunteering in schools across the region to design and build interactive gardens. These water efficient gardens help children to learn about water collection and sustainable gardening, taking young Water Champions on a journey to explore the world of water.

As a result we produced a short film to tell the story. The film fires up interest in the initiative. Additionally, it formed part of the invitation to schools to join Severn Trent’s community of Water Champions.



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    Harriet Strzelecki

    Head of Client Services

    Harriet is the agency’s Head of Client Services and Studio Manager. She manages major client projects as well as a team of in-house designers.

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