7th March 2014

Intelligent payment for strategic advantage

PXP is the new name for a revolutionary business that has emerged from Servebase, a respected player with a 25 year track record in the card payment processing sector.

In 2011, the management team that bought Servebase saw the potential for a radically different approach and developed ANYPAY – a powerful, flexible, scalable and robust technology platform that simplifies the complex, fast-moving, global world of payment processing. With a clear ambition to grow off the back of the new ANYPAY platform, the leadership team appointed RBL to help approach a name change and rebrand.

With a Current State Audit providing insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the current brand, we facilitated a Brand VOICE workshop with the management team to debate and define their vision for the future and consolidate their ideas on how they were going to manage the legacy business, Servebase, moving forward.

With Servebase remaining of important value to the business, the new name PXP signals a new organisation with bold strategic ambitions; an independent player with a clear point of view and a desire to show global businesses that getting paid is only the start.

PXP harnesses the expertise of expert people with an advanced technology platform to help ambitious global businesses build stronger customer relationships, deliver greater efficiency of operations and enable significant growth.

A newly articulated brand proposition, new name and stand out brand identity will help PXP to carve out a differential position in the complex payments marketplace, and the brand process has already resulted in a significant mindset shift internally. The team has put in place their plan to launch the new brand and is moving forward with a much more ambitious vision for the future.

The new brand was revealed to employees, partners and customers during February and the feedback so far has been incredibly positive!!

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