22nd July 2016

Josie’s first year at rbl brand agency

This week we celebrated the one year work anniversary of our Junior Designer, Josie Kyriacou.

rbl brand agency has successfully recruited several interns into our Client Services team and has a policy of developing bright new talent starting out in the brand and design agency world. Josie is no exception and joined us straight from university into our design department. She impressed us right from the off and has had a great year.

Before she headed off for her second foreign holiday of the summer(!), Josie answered a few questions about her first year and the following makes great reading for any other aspiring design, marketing or brand graduate.

So, Josie, a bit of background first. Where are you from?

I am originally from a small village in Hertfordshire and moved to the Midlands in 2012 to study Graphic Design at Coventry University.

How did you get the job here?

In June 2015 I met my now colleagues, Andy and Helena, at my Degree Show where I was showcasing my final year work. After this, I was invited to an interview and to spend a day in the studio. I was looking for somewhere that would challenge and help me flourish as a designer. Soon after, I was offered the position at rbl brand agency and started three weeks later.

What are you currently working on?

rbl has provided me with the opportunity to work on superb jobs with great clients. Currently, I am producing design work for the British Olympic Association, helping support Team GB for the run up to the Rio Olympics which has been posted onto our showcase. I’ve created a vast amount of work for them, varying from billboard advertisements to social media pieces.  I am also in the process of producing a film for the rbl website giving an insight into “life at rbl” – watch this space!

What have you learnt?

My first year at rbl has flown by! Being part of a collaborative and strategically creative agency has enabled me to gain an incredible amount of knowledge – I believe as a designer, you can never stop learning! Here’s some of what I’ve learnt so far:

Agency life is incredibly fast paced, there is never a dull day at rbl. I have learnt the importance of managing many projects at once and being able to deliver work to clients as efficiently as possible.

Being in a small brand agency allows more chance of sharing ideas, which stimulates a great deal of creativity; that’s what I thrive off.

Recently, I taught myself to use an animation software to bring rbl’s six stage brand process to life. This was especially creatively challenging as it’s an area that I have never looked into before.

I have been designated as the team’s photographer and videographer, which has been a continuous learning experience for me. My biggest learning curve was when Anna and I went down to Greenwich for the day to interview students on their experience at the University. When I came back to put the short film together, I realised that the sound was not recorded correctly; slightly panicked, I managed to use the software to resolve the issues and create a great first film. Plus, we won the job!

Funniest moment at rbl?

Last Christmas, Helena and I were nominated to come up with something fun and non generic to send out at Christmas to all of our clients. Well… I thought I came up with a genius idea (which Helena always blames me for) of combining rbl’s two favourite things, Post-its and branding, to create a festive film. Millions of Post-it notes and a Post-it blocked printer later (not sure how that happened) we had constructed an excellent festive film! It may have taken a little longer than we thought but the result was worth it…

What do you do outside work?

Since leaving University and moving to Warwick I have decided to change my life into a far healthier one. I started to run regularly, which enabled me to complete my first Half Marathon in London in March – this was a huge achievement for me.


Josie rbl brand agency

Our designer Josie completing her first half marathon


Shortly after, I joined British Military Fitness, which is an intense outdoor bootcamp. This has been great (I think I may be slightly obsessed). I have met lots of new people in my area and it has been a great way of winding down after a day at work.


Josie rbl brand agency

Josie “relaxing” at BMF


Overall, how would you sum up your time at rbl?

rbl brand agency has been the perfect agency for my first full-time role as a designer. It’s been an exciting and rewarding journey that’s helped me gain a lot of confidence in the work I do. The working environment at rbl is amazing (especially in our new office). There is a great team dynamic and working amongst such professionals has helped me develop a stronger insight into the world of branding.


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Rebecca Battman

Managing Director

Rebecca is the founder and Managing Director of rbl. An experienced brand and marketing professional, Rebecca has spent over 30 years helping clients to build, design and manage their brands.

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