We are a Strategic Branding Agency helping ambitious businesses build powerful brands for over 14 years.

As a strategic branding agency we are a strategic partner working closely with business leaders to build brands that help them grow and create value. It’s not just about the logo!

What we do encompasses brand evaluation, brand strategy, brand identity, brand planning, brand implementation and brand management. Experience has taught us that these activities will contribute to building a powerful brand that engages with employees, customers and partners, adding value to your business.

Over the past 25 years our senior people have developed a structured approach to strategic branding that is designed to save time, minimise risk and dramatically improve outcomes.

What’s involved in branding

Brand evaluation

We start off by listening to the people that really matter – your employees, customers and partners. Through confidential but searching discussions, we get to understand people’s current perceptions of the business and brand, taking into account both internal and external audiences. Time spent listening to the experiences and views of your people, your customers and partners will provide essential  insight into what’s great about your business, but also what needs some careful attention.

The Current State Audit report we produce gets everyone on the same page, so your leadership team can agree on what needs to change.

Brand strategy

With a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the business, we’ll work with the leadership team to articulate and align the business and brand strategies. 

This is often the most valuable part of what we do as businesses often find it hard to tell their story in a clear, concise and compelling way. We’re expert at communicating a corporate narrative so that people want to listen, based upon our unique Brand VOICE model.

Brand identity

Of course, we create new brand identities for clients. But this is about much more than the logo. We are creating a graphic design language and corporate identity system that will ensure your communications materials really stand out and are consistent across many different channels. What we do conveys something essential and important about the very personality and focus of your organisation.  

Brand planning

Clients usually have many established internal and external communications activities already in play. We use the brand review to take stock and ensure that these are meeting the needs of the end users and the business. A rebrand is a unique opportunity to think afresh about what’s really needed and the best way to manage those communications, increasingly moving many onto a digital platform. We also advise on the best way to communicate the new brand to key audiences. There’s no one size fits all approach. 

Brand implementation

Our design and production team manage the delivery of the widest range of projects covering everything from complex websites to new business cards with everything in between. Increasingly we work alongside in-house design teams within our clients’ businesses as they manage many aspects of the brand implementation. 

Brand management

We help clients put in place the systems and processes that will support the brand long-term. This may involve creating in-depth brand identity guidelines and asset packs, coaching internal marketing teams, orchestrating external brand development partners and conducting on-going brand perception surveys. 

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The brands we create

achieve stand out/establish leadership/communicate a point of view/explain complex products and services/attract the brightest talent/help sell more/attract investment