14th March 2016

Launch of new website for Factorydesign

We’ve just helped our friends at Factorydesign update their marketing materials.

Well respected within the aviation sector for creating stunning, brand-led passenger experiences, Factorydesign wanted to create a new, responsive website. They also needed to update the look and feel of their credentials presentation, proposal documents and email newsletters.

rbl have worked with Factorydesign on a few joint projects, so they asked us for a bit of help, which we happily provided. The three partners, Adam, Adrian and Peter, seemed to find the experience of being on the client side for once quite refreshing. Perhaps they just enjoyed being bossed around by Rebecca!

The whole experience goes to show that even talented designers sometimes need to bring in an external perspective.

Judge for yourself at www.factorydesign.co.uk.
“We like working with rbl. Not only are they good at what they do, they are a company that approach work with the right attitude and a sense of fun. When reviewing our branding and website, we three directors of Factorydesign didn’t want to get bogged down in the detail. So, we were happy to trust rbl to advise and get on with it and, as designers too, we knew we would be a tricky client.
We were really happy with the result – a clean and fresh approach that reflects our work and provides a new energy and focus for us as a company in a competitive marketplace.
We would – and do – happily recommend rbl and look forward to working with them again soon.” 
 Dreams realised on new website

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    Anna Berry

    Account Manager

    Anna is the part of the Client Services team, providing support to clients throughout brand development projects.

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