18th December 2017

What have we left under your tree this year?

We’re wrapping up in the studio and it’s got us thinking about all the great gifts we’ve received this year, including getting to work with some brilliant clients. But it also got us thinking about some of the gifts we’ve given those clients too.

We’ve done some wonderful projects large and small. It takes a brave client and a dedicated team to produce creative work that cuts through. With your help, we’ve done just that.

And to prove it, here are the top 5 gifts we’ve left under our clients’ trees this year…

Looking for the biggest box under the tree?

At the start of the year we helped WWF deliver its most inspiring, relevant and meaningful Earth Hour yet. So inspiring in fact that it appeared in a massive 360 million social feeds.

Discover how we attracted all those eyeballs here.

Looking for something more exotic?

We helped the University of Greenwich craft a powerful new story to engage students and staff. So powerful in fact that it’s helped to attract 20% more applications from overseas in the last 12 months.

Discover why ‘change starts here’ for the University of Greenwich.

Searching for the perfect feel-good gift?

After taking the time to talk to farmers and really understand their lives, we developed an integrated campaign to raise awareness of the NFU’s healthcare offer. It must have worked because they experienced a 450% increase in enquiries following the campaign’s launch.

Find out more about our feel-good work with the NFU here.

After the latest digital gizmo for Christmas?

As part of their rebrand, World Sailing were looking to meet the communication needs of a modern multi-channel organisation. If you put it on the list, just like Santa, we deliver. Since the rebrand there has been an increase in engagement with key digital channels by 176%.

Find out what else was on World Sailing’s list here.

The gift that keeps on giving. Nothing but the best for our clients.

Over the course of the last year we’ve provided Severn Trent with the most useful present an agency can give, results! Our sewer savvy campaign has helped reduce flooding by 50%, our water quality communications have helped reduce quality complaints by 12% and we’ve helped them to smash their targets for numbers of vulnerable customers helped.

Find out how we helped Severn Trent get an amazing set of results here.


After all that, we think we’ve earned a break. So we’re heading off to see Santa at lunchtime on Friday 22nd December and will be closed throughout the holiday period until January 2nd 2018.

So please make sure we’ve done everything you need from us by next Friday. Once we hit the bar there will be no turning back!

In the event of emergencies, we’ll be keeping an eye on emails between Christmas and New Year. And if you’d like to talk about what gifts you’d like to find under your tree next year, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

With very best wishes to you all.

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