26th June 2013

Severn Trent roadshow goes out with a bang!

Our tour with the Let’s Talk Water campaign finished in the Ricoh arena on a high-note; interacting with the Severn Trent customers of the future, with over 4000 kids ranging from 11-18, at ‘Big Bang West Midlands’.

The taste test got children engaged with water by challenging them to tell the difference between bottled and tap water. This sparked a lot of enthusiasm as kids swore they knew the difference, and were surprised by the results. Things even got competitive, as kids who had taken part earlier brought their friends over to see which water they would choose.

Out of almost 500 kids 62% preferred tap water or couldn’t tell the difference.

The event was a big success and all of the stands looked fantastic; it was a great opportunity for local industries to get children excited about engineering. As a lead sponsor of the event, Severn Trent Water successfully took the opportunity to interact with the next generation of water-users, and influence their attitudes towards water.

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    Harriet Strzelecki

    Head of Client Services

    Harriet is the agency’s Head of Client Services and Studio Manager. She manages major client projects as well as a team of in-house designers.

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