19th June 2014

Our first beer… client

Over the last few months the guys, and even some of the girls, in our studio have been getting particularly excited about a new client of ours. As an agency, we work for a wide range of clients across diverse sectors but the project that kicked 2014 off to a particularly exciting start was for a microbrewery.

Our new client, Freedom Brewery, is a fantastic example of a microbrewery at the leading edge of the craft lager movement. The industry has seen tremendous growth over the last few years having grown by 86% in 2013; in stark contrast to a 6% decline in the lager industry as a whole. Consumers appear to have developed a taste for quality and are now willing to pay up to 33p more for a pint of craft lager. The industry has also seen a surge in the number of breweries entering the fray, with many famous brands challenging the small players for beer drinkers’ affections. With all of this in mind, there has never been a more important time for brewers to take their brands seriously.

Freedom Brewery has a unique heritage in the world of craft beer, having pioneered the micro brewing of lager back in 1995 from their birthplace in Fulham, London. Now based in the stunning Staffordshire countryside, Freedom produce only the best tasting hand-crafted English lager, using nothing more than hops, fresh spring water (from their very own bore hole), local barley and yeast… all they add is time. The brewery is investing heavily to dramatically increase its capacity and output and, to help achieve their ambitious growth plans, have engaged RBL to review the Freedom brand. Our job will be to bring the brand up to the incredibly high standards of the beer they produce. No pressure then!

Since starting this project, we have learned a huge amount; from the brewers code of practice and the mechanics of a pump, to the beer making process and customer drinking trends. We’ve especially enjoyed the ‘market research’ that has involved plenty of product testing! We’ve developed a core messaging platform for the brand and are currently developing a new look and feel for a variety of touchpoints including bottles, pumps, the website, social media, marketing collateral and even the brewery itself.

What Freedom’s team (the luckiest men/women alive) have created is an industry-leading brewery that cuts out all of the nonsense and puts great taste back on the menu. They don’t compromise. They don’t cheat. They follow their own path, arriving at work every morning with a single goal – to brew the best tasting beer possible. You can see why we are so excited to help the Freedom team bottle exactly what makes the brand so special and articulate this to the world.



Read more about Freedom and their pioneering, hand-crafted English lager here

The brewery is also on Twitter and Facebook

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    Rebecca Battman

    Managing Director

    Rebecca is the founder and Managing Director of rbl. An experienced brand and marketing professional, Rebecca has spent over 30 years helping clients to build, design and manage their brands.

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