24th October 2017

The power of photography

They say a picture paints a thousand words. It can document history. It’s a universal language in its own right, transcending boundaries, with the ability to convey a complex idea, shine a spotlight on issues and change opinions. It can stimulate emotions and create a connection that mobilises people into action. And it can communicate a message more rapidly than words ever could. The power of photography is immense.

These days, everyone’s a photographer

As the technology in our phones allows us to capture, edit and use images within seconds, commissioned photography often gets rejected on the basis of cost.

Granted, stock photography is a great, cost-effective source of imagery to complement words and create communications. But, if you are looking for authentic and truly individual images that need to immediately resonate with an audience, then a professional photographer with a trained eye is the only option.

And it doesn’t always require onerous pre-production, enormous crews on set, massive budgets or working with prima donnas.

A no-nonsense approach

We’ve recently had the opportunity to work with Ian Forsyth, a down-to-earth freelance news and documentary photographer. Our Head of Creative thought his honest style of photography would be perfect for an upcoming campaign for one of our clients, the NFU, as they reach out to their members about the re-launch of their private health offer.

A dry subject you might think, but the results certainly weren’t. Working single-handedly, with no assistants, no stylist, hair and make-up, and no wardrobe, Ian shadowed the farmers as they went about their daily routine, capturing the gritty reality of the agriculture industry.

The NFU could instantly see the value of their investment. The beautiful body of work allows them to demonstrate that they really do understand the farmer’s way of life and know what their customers need.

We genuinely hope we get an opportunity to work with Ian again. He was incredibly easy to work with, and very happy to help organise the finer details directly with the farmers. This attitude allowed him to make the very most of his time with his subjects, enabling him to swing into action, putting the non-models at ease to act naturally and not freeze in front of the camera.

So the message?

Good photography isn’t just a cost – it can be one of the best investments that you make, providing you with a truly unique body of work. And you might get to work with great people in the process.

Take a look at the imagery Ian captured here. More imagery can be found on Ian’s blog.

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    Anna Berry

    Account Manager

    Anna is the part of the Client Services team, providing support to clients throughout brand development projects.

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