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rbl follow a proven, structured process that flexes to meet the specific needs of each client, whilst ensuring that creative outputs are rooted in effective research and business logic. While the process may be broadly the same, the outputs and outcomes are always entirely different.

Brand identity audit

Customer brand perception / satisfaction survey

Employee brand perception / satisfaction survey

Competitor brand audit

Workshop with leadership team

Definition of brand proposition and key messages to reflect the agreed corporate strategy using BRAND VOICE model

Development of new product and service propositions if required

Recommendations on future creative look and feel covering:

 Naming if required

External and internal communications planning
Integration of key communications channels:

PR and Social

Delivery of key communication requirements:

Digital presentations

Brand management systems and processes

Coaching for junior marketing team

Ongoing customers and employee satisfaction surveys

We advocate a collaborative approach and will work with you to debate and define a solution to your brand challenge. After all, it is your brand, not ours, so the ideas and ambitions of your people must be at the heart of the process.

Stage 1 – Brand research

We help you to understand people’s current perceptions of the business and brand, taking into account both internal and external audiences.  We get everyone on the same page, so we can agree on what needs to change.

Stage 2 – Brand strategy

We facilitate the high level discussion with your leadership team so you can align your business and brand strategies.

We then articulate this back, so you have a compelling story to tell backed up by a strong messaging platform. We resolve the brand architecture and any naming issues.

Stage 3 – Brand identity

We bring the strategy to life with a distinctive look and feel across your communications, physical spaces and brand experiences. This may include an update to your basic corporate identity.

Stage 4 – Brand planning

We help you to plan internal and external communications that will inform, engage and inspire your key audiences.

We maximise the impact and integration of different channels.

Stage 5 – Brand activation

We deliver specific design projects to clearly defined briefs, timetables and budgets.

Stage 6 – Brand management

We help you put in place the systems and processes that will support the brand long-term and add value to the business.

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