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Brand Identity

Using the Brand VOICE proposition as the creative brief, the design team will look at how the strategy will come to life though a distinctive visual identity working across all key channels.

During the Identity phase of the project, we would create the look and feel for a wide range of communications outputs that would demonstrate:

  • How the basic brand identity (logo) would appear on all essential communications
  • How key messages from the Brand VOICE Proposition would be articulated and used with an appropriate tone-of-voice
  • How images would support these messages, in the form of either photography or illustrations or a mix of both
  • The use of a bespoke colour palette of primary and secondary colours
  • Graphic design standards to create a distinctive, visually appealing style
  • How specific media choices, such as the use of film or online tools, might support communications with key stakeholder groups and provide more effective ways to convey the overall brand story (this will also include corporate signage, leaflets, newsletters, brochures and display boards)

In all the concepts shown, we would be trying to develop a brand identity that is at once clear, consistent and compelling. The message must be conveyed simply and directly. Standards must be used so that all outputs work together to achieve a result that is greater than the sum of the parts. Finally, the communications materials must really engage with the audience and connect with their specific issues and concerns.

Key outputs 

The first output from this stage is a Creative Concept Presentation that provides a range of ‘broad brush’ ideas for you to consider. 

The final output, produced as part of the Implementation stage, is an agreed set of Brand Identity Guidelines that can be used by all brand development partners: your in-house team or third party agencies involved in PR, digital, print, internal communications, display and exhibition, events, advertising etc.

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