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Brand Management

We help you put in place the systems and processes that will support the brand long-term and add value to the business.

Our on-going brand management services include:

Coaching for your in-house marketing team

We are often asked to help develop the skills of individuals or the whole marketing team. We are happy to welcome people into our studio for a day, a week or a month so they benefit from working as part of an agency team. We also facilitate many Away Day sessions for our clients’ in-house teams. We are as flexible as you need us to be. 

Coaching for your design team

On the same basis, we have welcomed many in-house designers to come and spend time with our creative team. They benefit from sharing their ideas with other creatives and they are able to feel part of the team that developed the final solution for the brand identity or campaigns that we deliver. Long-term this really helps with the implementation of the brand/campaign as agency and in-house team have a much stronger working relationship. 

Monitoring and measurement

Keeping track of progress is essential to demonstrate a return on investment in brand, marketing and design. We help clients design, set up, manage and analyse results from a wide range of research tools including:

    • Brand perception surveys
    • Employee perception surveys
    • Customer perception surveys
    • Competitor brand audits
    • Bespoke brand strength tests
    • Social sentiment surveys
    • Google analytics
    • Net promoter scores

    At the outset of a brand review project we will determine the measures of success that are relevant to each client and we help the client put in place the systems to regularly measure progress. These could include:

    • Number, value and quality of client/customer base
    • Number, value and quality of projects/sales/donations
    • Number, value and quality of strategic partners/sponsors
    • Number of inbound sales enquiries/leads
    • Number and value of pitches/tenders won
    • Number and quality of recruitment applications
    • Retention rate of employees
    • Number of awards won
    • Volume of pr coverage
    • Scale and reach of social influence