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Brand Planning

We deliver effective communications solutions to clients by putting the end customer at the heart of our creative planning.

Detailed communications planning is the basis of effective implementation. With a wide range of diverse stakeholders, all with different information needs and wants, you need to create hardworking communications that will inform, engage and inspire.

We have a range of proven processes and useful templates to share with our clients including:

Brand Audits so clients fully understand the scale and scope of any rebrand exercise.

Customer personas to help you develop and share a greater understanding of the needs and wants of different individuals so you can better align your products, services and communications.

Marketing Strategy so you can document a comprehensive strategy using your own in-house resources

Communications Plans so you can map out a programme of activity across all key channels for the year ahead.

These are the 3 key functions of communication:

This is about practical information
(What, when, where, who etc.)

“I understand what is happening.”

This is about rational information

“I understand why this is happening.”

This is about emotional information

“I really want to be part of what is happening.”

Working with your team, we will create a high-level Communications Plan that clearly sets out a programme of deliverables and demonstrates how the information needs and wants of different stakeholder groups will be met at launch and beyond. 

This will effectively map out the communications requirements for the first 6 months of the new brand or campaign .

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