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Brand Research

Our consultants start off by listening carefully to the views of your senior people, employees, customers and partners. Only when we fully understand where you are today, can we work with you to develop the brand.

The first priority of any brand research programme is to pull together all the existing resources that you have available and agree if this provides an effective 360° view of the current brand. 

Where it is felt that the views from either internal or external stakeholders are not fully understood, we would commission specific research to address this. This may involve:

  • interviews with key customers and partners
  • interviews with senior managers within your organisation
  • group workshops with employees
  • focus groups with key stakeholders
  • online surveys

One of the real benefits of doing primary research is the client insights and endorsements gained during the process. We can go on to use these in communications outputs. 

Stakeholder mapping during this process is also critical to ensure you target the right people, in the right way.

We also advocate compiling a detailed brand audit of all existing internal and external communications materials. 

Finally, a competitor brand audit is a useful reference point to illustrate where there are clear opportunities for you to differentiate your brand from the competition. 

Key output

The output of the evaluation stage is a Current State Audit. This is a high-level, 360° review of the current performance of the brand and is designed to ensure all senior participants in the branding programme achieve a common understanding of the brand’s current strengths and weaknesses before moving on to consider the future brand strategy. 

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