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Brand Voice Strategy Model

With a clear understanding of where you are today, we will work with you to debate, define and articulate a clear brand strategy for the future.

This is often seen as the most critical stage of the entire programme. rbl will facilitate a highly interactive and challenging workshop where you will consider your desired brand proposition using the Brand VOICE model.

Strategy & direction

Vision: How do we see the future?

Mission: How do we see our part in that future?

What goals do we want to achieve?

How do we position ourselves?

Customer proposition

Who are our customers?

What are their real issues and needs?

What do we have to offer?

Why should people choose us?

External manifestation

Identity: What do we look like?

Personality: What are we like to deal with?

Tone-of-voice: How do we come across?

Media: How do we communicate?


How do we define our culture?

What values guide how we behave?

Heart of the brand

If we strip everything unnecessary away, what remains?

What is the big idea that shapes everything we do?

What really matters to us?

Every business needs to define a distinctive brand voice to help them stand out in a crowded marketplace. What is your Brand VOICE?

This is a bespoke model that helps organisations to debate and define the key elements of their future brand strategy. In simple terms, it is the palatable articulation of the business strategy. It’s the essential story that the organisation needs to tell to employees, customers, partners and community stakeholders. 

Typically you will select 8-10 people from your organisation who have a vital role to play in determining the future brand strategy. These individuals do not have to work in marketing and should include the CEO as the key sponsor. This is also a unique opportunity to involve some ‘rising stars’, creating a cross-company team that embraces all key functions and a range of views and experiences.

Our Head of Brand, Rebecca Battman, is an extremely effective communicator and works with clients to challenge their preconceived perceptions about their brand. Her refreshingly different approach helps all stakeholders to better understand the needs of their customer base and develop a clear and concise narrative for the brand. 

Key brand strategy output

The output of this stage is a Brand VOICE Proposition document that acts as the strategic brief for all further creative development. This is a clearly articulated statement of intent that acts as the blueprint for your brand and a host of internal and external expressions. It provides the high-level messaging platform that will drive a wide range of future communications, both internally and externally. 

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