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Branding campaigns that work – from brand awareness and behaviour change to increasing sales and fund raising, rbl has a track record for creating campaigns that deliver results.

Balancing a strategic approach with a dedication to craft, we specialise in creating impactful communications that connect with their audience and motivate them to think, feel and act differently in response to your brand.

Our campaign projects follow a modified version of our strategic branding process.

Stage 1 – Audience research

We start by talking to the people who matter.

This may mean talking to your current and potential customers to better understands their motivations, needs and wants or bringing together key people within the business to interrogate the brief and identify opportunities within the organisation.

Stage 2 – Campaign Strategy

We take the insights form stage 1 to create a ‘sweet’ proposition.

We believe that the key to success is to start with the right foundations, to build your campaign on a proposition that targets the ‘sweet spot’ where your organisation’s objectives overlap with your customers’ needs.

Stage 3 – Campaign Creative

We then translate your proposition into creative to get you SEEN.

Once we have your sweet spot, it is vital that the creative expression of this proposition connects with your audience and is shareable and ownable by them. To do this your campaign must be SEEN (Surprising, Entertaining, Emotional and Nuturing).

Stage 4 – Test and refine

We optimise your campaign for maximum impact.

Depending on the scale and scope of the project we offer a choice from four levels of testing:

  • Casual socialization of the work with key stakeholders
  • Conversational focus groups with a small targeted audience
  • Formal programmes to reach a wide range of different audiences using multiple research approaches
  • External commissioning of independent, in-depth, scientific testing.

Stage 5 – Campaign materials

Creating the right tools to help your audience at each step of engagement.

Along their journey from being unaware to becoming advocacates your audience will have a very different relationship with your brand. At each stage we provide them with the right materials and messages to take the next step to completing their journey and becoming champions for your brand.

Stage 6 – Campaign management

Continued support every step of the way.

From planning to gathering results we collaborate with you to make sure your campaign has every angle covered.

We flex our process to meet your needs.

From large brand campaigns that require intensive support at each stage to smaller internal campaigns focusing on the strategy and creative concepts, each stage of our process informs the next, working together to create integrated campaigns that get results. 

From reducing sewer flooding by 50% to increasing new business enquires by 450%, the results speak for themselves. Discover more transformational outcomes like these from the kind of campaign you need by exploring the links below:

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Brand Campaigns

No matter what the end goal, whether it’s shifting perceptions, raising awareness or increasing sales, success is always built on essential audience insight. That’s why we start all our brand campaign work with some level of research, from small stakeholder workshops to large customer surveys.

Direct campaigns – results, results, results.

When you need to make an impact nothing quite hits home like direct marketing, creating a meaningful transaction between your customers and your brand. That’s why, as a brand-led creative agency we believe that successful Direct Marketing begins with a successful brand.

We take our brand insight, strategy and experience and apply it with a truly channel neutral approach to deliver communications that generate results across inserts, mail packs, social and fully integrated campaigns.

Behaviour change campaigns – changing for good.

The key to good behaviour change campaigning isn’t knowing who your audience are and how they think, it’s understanding who your audience are and how they think. This may seem like semantics but in truth it’s the difference between night and day.

As a brand-led creative agency we analyse motivations and barriers day in and day out across a myriad of project types – this in-depth experience allows us to see the wood where others see only trees. 

It’s only with this kind of insight that you can create the right tools to carry your audience along every step of the behavior change journey.

Internal campaigns – branding starts at home.

Internal campaigns may come with a ready-made captive audience, but that doesn’t make them any easier to get right. You still have to entice your staff to engage with the campaign and then inspire them to integrate new ways of working into their daily life.

That’s why, from the smallest of presentations to the largest of cascade programmes, we treat internal campaigns with exactly the same rigour and passion as their external counterparts, building in a strategic approach and finding the best ways to support you in embedding your latest initiative or change management within your organisation.

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