The architects of great coffee

Unleashing the full flavour and texture of this magical little bean to bring coffee and community together and deliver a different taste experience to Leamington Spa

Sometimes, winning business can simply come down to having a cup of coffee.

Rebecca, rbl’s Head of Brand, was having a flat white in one of our neighbourhood coffee shops when she struck up a casual conversation with Sam Avery. With a professional background steeped in coffee, Sam was looking to set up her own business in Leamington Spa.

Unleashing the power of this little bean

As a small business, cost was a concern and Sam was nervous about engaging a full service brand agency. But rbl was keen to do more work for local businesses and the creative team loved the idea of getting involved in a new retail concept. So we took the decision to get behind Sam’s new venture and do everything we could to help her get it off the ground.

Gathered round Rebecca’s kitchen table one day, we developed the business and brand strategy using many of the tools in our brand planning toolkit. Sam found this really useful as she had no shortage of ideas but hadn’t structured her thinking or developed a compelling brand story.

We also resolved the naming for the business, giving Sam some very clear advice about what naming would work best for the new venture and why.


Coffee Architects opens its doors

Having signed the lease on a prime location in the centre of town, we helped Sam with some simple space planning and ideas for the interiors and the creative team got to work with concepts for the identity. After developing a number of creative routes, there was one clear winner and within a few short weeks we were busy delivering store signage, menus, food and coffee packaging, staff uniforms and a host of other branded items. We are now working on Coffee Architects digital platforms.

Delivering a different taste experience

Most people just don’t know the potential of this little bean. Coffee Architects is spreading the word and sharing knowledge, revealing the full flavour and texture of coffee in all its forms! Sam and her team are immersed in everything related to this essential ingredient of daily life: where to source it, how to roast / brew / serve it, what to eat it with, when to enjoy it! Coffee Architects is not just another coffee shop. It is a serious business focused on coffee, introducing a whole world of coffee related products and services that deliver a different taste experience.

“rbl came along to help us at just the right time with the genesis of Coffee Architects. We had all the ideas in our heads but nothing down on paper and they helped us to shape our thoughts and create a proper brand strategy.

They looked at the design of the brand with a totally fresh eye and we are thrilled with the crisp, modern, but accessible feel of the Coffee Architects' identity. It has got so much positive feedback from our customers. They love it! We love it!"


On our doorstep

Coffee Architects isn’t just a client. The team have become good friends and a home from home when we need a quick business lunch, coffee to go before a long road trip or a quiet place to read the Saturday morning newspapers – if we can get a table!!