The clear choice for safer commercial transport

A British success story, famous for refuse trucks and fire engines, Dennis Eagle wanted to take their low-entry vehicles out to a wider commercial market.

As our cities become more congested, new legislation is forcing all commercial vehicles to meet stringent new standards for road safety and low emissions. Over the next decade, all large delivery vehicles, mixers and off loaders will need to be compliant or face being banned from inner-city zones.

rbl helped Dennis Eagle to enter this new market against stiff competition from much bigger brands, such as Mercedes, by first articulating their core business strategy and then creating the launch materials required.
All in less than a month!

"With rbl’s expert help we were able to debate and define a whole new proposition for a fast growing marketplace. They took this strategy off the page and helped us launch in record time. We are all really impressed."

Lee Rowland, Marketing Manager