A dramatic rebrand and new website for the International Dance Teachers' Association

The IDTA started the search for a company who could help them design and build a better website and came to meet with rbl as part of that process.

While we were confident we could do a good job on the website, we recognised that a more fundamental job was needed to look at the whole service proposition, messaging and identity to ensure that the IDTA was presenting itself as a leading membership organisation at the very heart of dance.

If you love dance and want to learn how to do jazz, tap, ballet, ballroom or indeed most forms of traditional or contemporary dance, then the IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association) is there to help you find qualified dance teachers and take exams as you progress from novice to expert. They are a large-scale membership organisation with a proud history and a global customer base.

Participation in dance, in all its forms, is growing rapidly and consumer interest has rarely been so high thanks to TV shows such as ‘Strictly’. The website for the IDTA was badly in need of a redesign to ensure it was keeping pace with new standards for technology, design and content. The old site, which had been developed in-house, used old web technology and was a poor reflection on the quality of the dance teaching provided by the IDTA and was recognised as a barrier to membership acquisition and retention.

rbl had to work hard to convince a large Board that fundamental change was necessary. There were many who were averse to change and who believed that modest tweaks might be enough. We had to deliver some challenging messages, off the back of some detailed membership research, that made clear that the organisation needed to modernise both how it operated and how it presented itself.

The outcome of all this was a repositioning of the organisation and a redesign of the logo and the overall look and feel. As a result, the IDTA is sharper, clearer and more customer-focused. Our aim through all of this was to help the IDTA establish itself as a confident leader where the quality of its communications matched the quality of its dance training and assessment.

Dance International

The IDTA published their own in-house magazine and rbl redesigned this to bring it in line with the new identity. It is a huge step forward.

In addition, we have designed a host of basic documents from letterheads to certificates.

A new website

The new website has been a very involved project that rbl have managed from end-to-end, covering technical specification and user requirements, wireframes, template design, CMS build, population, testing and launch.

The site will be managed in-house by the IDTA through a WordPress content management system.


The team at rbl put a huge amount of effort into finding great photography that would help the IDTA tell its story. Dance is a visual art form and a poorly taken photograph is never going to convey the spirit of what happens when a dancer is immersed in the physical experience. Hopefully, these new images communicate the passionate, professional and progressive nature of the IDTA in a way that words cannot.

Delighted with the appointment of rbl. This complex project demanded inspiration, enthusiasm and focus from all the team and has required careful management to ensure everyone involved in the project, from Board-level down, has engaged with the new concepts and designs. My thanks to Rebecca, Harriet and everyone who helped us through the rebranding process and website creation. The reaction to the work has been incredibly positive, from IDTA staff and members alike and represents a new chapter for the IDTA.

Liz Murphy, IDTA Assistant Chief Executive