Rebranding the UK's best student experience

Redefining the Union's role and remit, creating a strategic brand platform for the future and delivering better value to today's and tomorrow's students

£9000 per annum tuition fees changes everything

With expectations higher than ever, Loughborough Students’ Union (LSU) recognised the need for a step change. The ultimate social enterprise that puts students at the heart of everything they do, LSU invited their Union Executive team (ex students, voted into the Exec by the student body, on 1 year sabbaticals) to work alongside RBL to complete a Strategic Brand Review.

“In a new world where students invest up to £50,000 in their degrees, expectations are rightly high. rbl has helped us ensure our students really appreciate what we offer. Whilst working with and developing our in-house team, Rebecca has helped us gain a deep understanding of our brand and how to manage it. I can recommend rbl without hesitation.”


Challenging and inspiring student members

Recognising the need to do better at engaging all student groups, LSU understood the importance of not treating its members in a ‘one size fits all’ manner and identified 5 student ‘tribes’ with distinct values and behaviours. LSU are challenging students in tailored ways to make the most of their time at University and College, enhancing their skills and shaping their future.

Through 3 core member-focused service areas, the Union is helping students have the time of their life (through entertainment and activities) and become more than their course (through additional skills development), whilst remaining always on their side (through representation and support).

Putting students at the heart of everything they do

Facilitating and coaching the team through each stage, rbl has helped LSU define their offer, develop a more ambitious strategy, that brings together a highly successful commercial operation with deeply committed student development services, and articulate the values that shape everything that they do.

The heart of the university

A distinctive, new brand identity has created an arresting visual symbol of who Loughborough students are and what they stand for. The new look and feel reflects the unique Loughborough spirit and is helping LSU move forward in a bold and ambitious way, setting it apart from others.

The Union building has been transformed and we have supported the implementation of the new brand across a suite of key communications materials including the Freshers’ Pack for the new 2013/2014 academic year and a re-skin of the website ahead of a brand new website, due to be launched later on in the year.