Challenging what is possible in the construction of unique, high-performance structures

Launching an elite engineering business for a team at the forefront of some of the most advanced applications of carbon fibre technology in the world.

Harnessing the potential of carbon fibre

A unique team of world-leading experts came together in 2012 to take on several ground-breaking projects. Pioneers in fibre optic monitoring and global specialists in composite structures, Magma Structures operates at the leading edge of carbon fibre technology and challenges what is achievable in the design and construction of high-performance structures.

In many cases, these structures are unique, never to be repeated projects, where the boundaries of what is possible are tested and rewritten.

Launching an ambitious brand

A clearly defined brand strategy, that introduced the strategic positioning of Unique Challenges: Engineered, has provided the team with confident messaging and a clear blueprint for communications moving forward. We have played an essential role in launching this ambitious brand with a bold, new identity and a suite of materials including brand literature, short films, and a new website.

“rbl have helped us translate our technical capabilities and ambitions into a story that clearly explains what we do and how we add value. Our team were involved throughout the process and felt complete ownership for the outcomes. Even the most sceptical engineers have become advocates of brand as a result.”


New materials, new technologies, new possibilities

Magma Structures are at the forefront of a design world that is changing, realising structures that challenge conventional thinking and construction methods. Through scoping, writing and designing vital pitch documents, we have been helping them tell this story, presenting composite materials as a means to realise global and local ambitions.