Creating a turning point from an anniversary

25 years after the birth of mobility charity, Motivation, rbl has re-energised their brand for the launch of the Innovation Fund, welcoming a future of making ‘IF’ happen.

25 years ago two friends at the Royal College of Art collaborated on a project that would go on to change wheelchair provision across the globe. With the help of rbl they have re-energised their brand and created a platform that should enable them to take on the challenges of the next 25 years.

Motivation, the charity which was formed by those two friends, uses innovative design thinking to improve wheelchair provision for those who need it most. They approached us with a tricky brief. Faced with the twin pressures of rapidly accelerating advances in technology, and an ever growing need for their products, Motivation needed a step change in how they communicated and raised funds.

Making IF happen

They were looking to create a brand campaign that would not only celebrate their progress over the last quarter of a century, but also act as a rallying cry to garner the support of like-minded individuals and organisations, who believe the power of innovation is a force for good.

The result was a campaign that emphasises the potential of innovation, while demonstrating the real and practical changes it can make to lives. Rather than only asking ‘What If?’, the creative opens people’s eyes to what is possible and urges donations to help make ‘IF’ happen through an Innovation Fund

Launching in Style

The campaign was launched at an event at the RCA which was hosted by Motivation’s co-founders, David Constantine MBE and Richard Frost.

The team from Motivation were joined by key figures from across the world of design, including Lady Helen Hamlyn and Professor Sir Christopher Frayling, alongside other well-known faces such as Sir John Sorrell and Rama Gheewaro. In a stunning location with a backdrop showcasing all the new campaign materials, attendees came together to discuss how design and innovation can change the world of international development. The rollout will continue across a full range of print and digital communications.

“On behalf of everyone at Motivation I wanted to thank you all or all the hard work and creativity you put into the brand, strategy and exhibits for our 25th Event and launch of our Innovation Fund. It has been a real pleasure working with you all and I can safely say the campaign wouldn’t have had anything like the impact it did without your creative direction.”

David Constantine MBE - Co-founder of Motivation