Modern alchemy: re-energising a market-leading provider of business data

The Mobile World provide in-depth metrics and statistics for the entire mobile communications market. Whilst their service is used by an impressive list of digitally innovative organisations, they themselves were falling behind.

The Mobile World approached rbl looking for direction on the identity and positioning for the improved offer.

After our brand strategy workshop, we realised that this called for more than just a superficial redesign of the existing website.

By asking the right questions in an open, future-facing environment, the management team were able to consider some innovative new options for the business. They have cut the cost of access to the data by up to 90%, using a secure platform that will enable them to service the needs of thousands more customers in the finance, investment, legal, research, media, M & A and innovation sectors. With a simple online access model, they have prepared their business for the next 20 years of growth and massively increased their global reach.

A bold new name and brand

With a clear shift to appeal to a younger, technology-savvy audience, The Mobile World has adopted the abbreviation MOWO as its trading marque.

MOWO’s core product is a powerful database, which has been built up and maintained meticulously for the past 14 years. The database provides their customers with unparalleled, instant access to industry data. Additionally, users can manipulate data to best suit their needs.

Over the years the presentation of the database had lost focus and slipped out of kilter with a changing, younger audience.

We’ve helped MOWO connect with a new generation of analysts.

Modern alchemy

A new fully responsive WordPress website is the primary sales tool, with clear explanation of how the database works and how it can add value to individual users. This links directly to the database access site. With a simple sign up process, users can be up and running in no time.

We also helped the data team by designing the user interface for all the reports, ensuring clarity and consistency through effective use of typography, colour and layout. Pure information design.

We’ve provided MOWO with the tools to explain their modern alchemy: turning data into power.


“We have been so impressed with all the work the team have done, you grasped the essence of our business – from fairly brief input – and captured the way we hope to move forward. We have our work cut out, and will be hard at it to knock our ideas into shape, making sure we live up to the branding you’ve created for us. We’ll be ready for your team to work its magic again for the launch.”

Emma Tysoe, Partner, MOWO