You are the farm, look after yourself

Helping the National Farmers Union encourage its members to rethink private healthcare.

The NFU provides a collective voice for the UK’s agricultural industry, and is always looking for ways to improve its wider member benefits. Its private health insurance offer had been on hold for over six months and it was time to re-introduce it.

rbl was appointed to conduct a strategic review of the offer and create a brand campaign that would resonate with an audience unwilling to engage in the subject of ill-health or injury. We spoke directly to a proportion of NFU members, taking the time to listen to their real needs, which provided an essential insight.

As a hardy bunch, most members had a healthy level of cynicism towards private healthcare, seeing it as a luxury not a necessity. Yet most also recognised that their business is exposed if a key person is off work through illness or injury – and more often than not, that key person is them.

A straight-talking, down-to-earth campaign

Using this insight, we created a campaign with a simple proposition to appeal to this busy, pragmatic and hard-to-reach audience: You are the farm, look after yourself.

The campaign is true to life, serious and supportive, using imagery of real NFU members, messaging that is direct and to the point and a clear call to action: Get back up when you need it.

rbl worked with Ian Forsyth, a gritty news and documentary photographer, who spent a day in the shadow of a range of farmers across the country to capture some stunning real-life images of life on the farm.

Campaign launch

The creative has been rolled out across regional briefing materials, promotional leaflets, print advertising in NFU owned titles, digital promotion and social media activity.

We selected rbl as we knew they would engage with and truly understand the motivations of our members. They’ve used these insights to create a powerful and striking campaign that promotes our compelling offer and captures the attention of our members to drive enquiries.

Tim Crocker, Head of Business Services, NFU