Making accounting personal

Bringing the Pentlands brand
up to date to reflect the expert
and friendly team behind the name
– with Brand Lite from rbl.

When Elinor Perry-Hall from our own accountants approached us, she was looking for a way to refresh the Pentlands brand to ensure it demonstrated the expertise and ambition of the team, alongside their quirky and friendly personality.

Pentlands Accountants and advisors offer support with your day-to-day accounts to strategic advice for bigger business decisions. However, the value they add wasn’t being clearly demonstrated, and was hidden behind a confusing offer and out-of-date identity. Using our Brand Lite process, developed with smaller businesses in mind, we conducted interviews with the team and clients to find out the truth about what people really think.

Accountants and advisors
for growing businesses

With the feedback from these conversations, rbl helped define the Pentlands offer, which is now broken down into three simple headings: Manage, Grow and Maximise.

We also developed a refreshed messaging platform that clearly explains who Pentlands are and the value they add to businesses of all sizes, beyond accounting alone.

This revised messaging platform acted as the creative brief for the design team, who then developed creative concepts for an updated brand identity. Working closely with Elinor, this has turned into a playful but professional look and feel that perfectly reflects the ethos and spirit of the team.

Pentlands people

As Pentlands strives to make life as easy as possible for its clients, the new identity introduces some little characters who visually demonstrate the support provided. As these characters explore the words, they illustrate the three areas of the business ‘manage’, ‘grow’ and ‘maximise’.

Any rebrand should start from the inside out, so we also developed some more characters for internal use that illustrate the team’s values. It’s a quick way of visually making a point, without needing chapter and verse, and adds some character to what could be perceived as a somewhat dull sector.

The new brand was launched in January 2018. Have a peek at to see more (new website developed by Noisegate Media).

“After 15 years of Pentlands being in a burgundy box, we knew it was time to have a fresh look at our brand. In a short space of time, rbl has helped us redefine our offer and introduced a brand identity that both demonstrates our expertise and ambition, and our team’s friendly personality. We are thrilled with the results and would highly recommend rbl and their Brand Lite service.”