Persuading big business to create opportunity

Remploy is a UK-wide government funded organisation that helps people with disabilities or complex barriers to work find sustainable, mainstream employment

Communicating a renewed sense of purpose

Following a restructuring in 2008, with some enterprises being closed down and other new services launched, many people inside Remploy and other external stakeholders were left confused about the future direction, priorities and plans of the business.


rbl worked with the leadership team to shape a more compelling story for ‘one Remploy’ that made sense to staff, candidates and customers alike and communicate a renewed sense of purpose and ambition. A new brand look and feel and a series of inspirational films helped Remploy tell their unique story and is supporting the creation of partnerships with mainstream employers.

“Rebecca was able to understand our business remarkably quickly. Her analysis was sharp and incisive and she gave us high quality advice rooted in experience and case studies which challenged us to think through alternative ways of working.”

Andy King, Head of Brand and Marketing, Remploy

Remploy and Sainsburys

After seeing the first film we made for Remploy, Sainsbury’s requested that we made a version featuring their people. David and Simon are both from the Hull area and they shared their personal stories with us in a frank and engaging way. Sainsbury’s made it their business to give Simon and Dave the opportunity to show us all what they can do.