Discovering the essence of a landmark London venue

Identifying the proposition of a distinctive brand at the heart of the Smithfield market offering a unique all day city dining experience over four floors

Translating the spirit of the original Smiths of Smithfield

Kicking off the Strategic Brand Review, we took a bold and creative approach to the research task, engaging a range of internal and external stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of current perceptions.

“Their proposals were on-point with the fun and edgy side of our business. Other agencies had pitched for the same appointment but rbl far surpassed any other proposal presented. I was, and remain, very impressed and continue to work with the team on our future plans. rbl are timely, personable, thought-provoking, effective and fun to work with.”


Proving that research doesn’t have to be boring!

Using less conventional research methods, and building on the quirky spirit of ‘SMITHS’ to have some fun, we proved that research really doesn’t have to be boring, gaining insight through customer comments left on graffiti walls and coasters, ‘Smiths on the sofa’ interviews on camera, ‘Rate us or Hate us’ surveys, and ‘Join the Jury’ focus groups.

Compiled into a Current State Audit, this feedback provided ‘SMITHS’ with a 360-degree view of the present state of their brand and an extensive overview of their strengths, weaknesses and position in the minds of their customers.

Great food, great service, great people, great spaces

This insight provided the foundation for a Brand VOICE workshop where the leadership team debated and defined their unique brand story and the ingredients of the ‘SMITHS’ experience. The resulting proposition provided a strategic blueprint for future marketing, offer development and brand extension beyond the original flagship venue.

The cow is coming

We have recently helped ‘SMITHS’ extend their brand to a second venue in Spitalfields market, London, revamped the restaurant menus and launch a Nikka Whisky night at their Smithfield venue.