Creating a dynamic family of brands, distinctive campaigns and creative communications for this leading University.

Competition to support this prestigious University was fierce, but as one of only four agencies to make it onto the strategic creative roster, rbl has helped many different departments reach out to new audiences, highlighting world-leading research and innovation, and encouraging deeper engagement.

Undergraduate recruitment

We developed the 2020 undergraduate campaign, using unique insight from the sector and beyond to generate a distinctive and aspirational creative approach. This translated across various acquisition materials, including the annual prospectus.

The campaign guidelines we created really hit the mark, so much so that the University now use them as a best practice case study for campaign generation.

“Our Director of Marketing thinks it’s the best campaign we’ve done in her time at Warwick!”

Keith Gabriel, University Marketing, External Affairs

Warwick Sport

With the opening of a new £49 million Sports and Wellness Hub, and as part of an ambitious goal to have the most active campus community in the UK, the University needed to attract a significant new audience onto campus.

We were appointed to develop a distinctive brand identity that positioned the new facility effectively in the local community whilst at the same time resonating with students and staff. The real challenge was to articulate the benefits of improving health and wellness to a diverse audience with different needs and motivations.

The guidelines we created incorporated a scaling approach to brand communications, appealing to the full spectrum of audience groups. We created a suite of templates for advertising, digital channels including social media, event materials and internal communications. We also created the wayfinding and signage requirements for the building itself.

“The RBL team were great listeners and understood exactly what we were trying to achieve. They created a carefully considered and beautifully designed suite of materials that will surely help to give us an edge against our competitors.”

Carl Freelove, Head of Marketing (Interim), CCSG

Warwick Conferences

Warwick Conferences is a department of the University that delivers conferences, events and meetings in unique facilities from lakeside venues to kitchen break-out spaces, and with accommodation that’s of four star hotel standard.

We worked with the team to create two distinct campaigns aiming to maximise occupancy and increase revenue.

The first campaign made conferences personal, by giving Warwick a face. We worked with the client to find a number of ‘stars’ for the campaign, each one telling their own unique story of how they go the extra mile to create something special, and deliver against the core positioning of ‘anything is possible’.

“Our clients tell us that they love the campaign that we’re running.”

Gail Tomlinson, Business Development Manager, Warwick Conferences

Making weekends your own

We needed to act quickly for the second campaign, to increase weekend bookings by the end of the financial year. With limited budget and timescales, and a wide range of audiences we needed to create a campaign that both raised the profile of the weekend offer and demonstrated the breadth of events that Warwick Conferences could cater for. Our solution was three phased – relevant, desirable, attainable.

A play on words and imagery to show that people can be one thing during the week, and something else entirely at the weekend. From everyday heroes to tech wizards, professional players to teachers and students alike, the campaign showed how Warwick Conferences can help you to ‘Make your weekend work for you.’

The results:
Achieving a click through rate of twice the industry average.

Warwick Arts Centre

We work with the University’s cultural venue to produce campaigns that highlight their seasonal programmes.

Most recently we’ve designed a series of large-scale site hoardings while major refurbishment work takes place that promotes the new facilities and opportunities for students and local communities.


WMG is a department at the University of Warwick, and a centre for one of the UK’s High Value Manufacturing Catapults. An international leader for successful collaboration between academia and the private and public sectors, WMG is driving innovation in applied science, technology and engineering.

We’ve supported WMG by creating the name, visual identity and initial website for their contribution to one of the UK’s Industrial Strategy challenges – Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. Midlands Future Mobility is a consortium, led by WMG, that plays a crucial role in accelerating technological progress and shaping the future of transport.

Brand strategy

We’ve collaborated with the leadership team using our proven strategic process to articulate an inspiring vision that now connects with the outside world. The shift in messaging from an internal, technical focus to more customer facing and commercially driven is now being used across a new website and suite of key materials that showcase WMG’s facilities, strong education offer, and demonstrate examples of the impact of accelerating innovation in industry.