The rise of the London Village

How working smarter can deliver big results on a small budget - with Brand Lite from rbl.

The idea of the London Village has really taken hold in the public imagination in recent years. Our client, independent property agency Village Properties, captured that emotion perfectly when naming their business over ten years ago recognising that London has always been made up of distinct neighbourhoods with their own character and lifestyle.

However, over time their brand messaging and identity had fallen out of step with the market.

Village Properties is owned by a lovely lady called Sam Avery. Believe it or not, Sam Avery has a sister-in-law also called Sam Avery who is also one of our clients. Sam Avery 2 loved the work that we had done for Sam Avery 1 and approached us to help her. We like to keep things in the family!

We knew Sam’s budget wouldn’t be huge and offered her the opportunity to trial our new product – Brand Lite – which we’ve developed with smaller businesses in mind. It gives smaller business owners access to our proven, strategic branding process. By working in a smarter way we were able to provide Village Properties with brand strategy and design worthy of the larger London property agencies that Sam is competing against.

Village Properties understands that every home is special to those who live in it and every property is dear to those who care for it. The creative route we developed brings those values to life with thought-provoking and carefully crafted marketing materials.

“Brand Lite is excellent and is absolutely perfect for companies like mine. I think the whole branding process can be quite intimidating and business owners often think it’s going to be too expensive. But rbl is making a huge difference to smaller businesses, with a down-to-earth approach delivered in such a simple way.

You really listened to our brief and hit the nail on the head with the thought process behind the identity, something which had been lacking in other companies we have approached. You have a truly amazing team, and we are so thankful and grateful for all their hard work.”