Creating an inspirational identity for a critical internal business unit within Volkswagen

As a new business unit within Volkswagen Group in the UK, Group Commercial Services wanted to create a stronger identity so their people could better explain and promote the value that they add.

rbl were recommended to Volkswagen by a lead consultant that Rebecca had worked with at Prodrive and BAR Formula One Team. But we still had to prove ourselves against two incumbent agencies and demonstrate the value we could add for all aspects of the branding work required.

Within two short months rbl had created a bold new visual identity for Group Commercial Services and landed this with the leadership team and the wider employee population.

We helped to deliver an immersive team day that really brought to life the spirit and ambition of the business summed up in the simple idea of ‘create more’. The event received overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees and their support for our branding work was critical.

Over Summer 2015, interior graphics were installed in the main office areas that bring the identity to life with inspirational images promoting shared ways if working. rbl designed and managed the installation of the new interior scheme.

rbl’s work with Volkswagen Group continues as we support Group Commercial Services with ongoing communications.

rbl created a short film to explain Group Commercial Services to other Volkswagen employees. This was a compelling endorsement of the powerful and practical results delivered every day to delight Volkswagen’s customers. We can’t show the whole film here because it was for an internal audience only, but some of the motion graphics we created are shown in this short version.

rbl have used simple doodles through the visual identity to bring the idea of ‘create more’ to life. These doodles convey the energy, flexibility and sense of playfulness of the team.

Rebecca and the team turned round a refreshingly original piece of creative that was inspiring and precisely matched our needs. The work was very well received by our whole team and has given them a stronger sense of identity and helped communicate our work to our partners across the rest of this business. It was a lot of fun working with rbl, despite some very tight deadlines and quite a few changes and revisions. I would recommend this agency if you want a design-led, business-focused approach to enliven your communications.

Dan Wright, Internal and Group Fleet Communications Manager, Volkswagen Group UK