Creating a sustainable vision for a global community

World Sailing has unveiled a new strategic positioning and contemporary brand identity, that completes the transition from the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

Sailing is a global sport, loved by amateurs and professionals the world over for the unique combination of competitive action, advanced technology and the sheer power and beauty of the natural environment.

As the world governing body for the sport, World Sailing wanted to better explain this unique relationship: sport, nature and technology in powerful harmony.

Sailing is one of the few competitive sports where external factors play such a critical role: man is pitched against nature to harness the power of the wind and the waves to outwit his or her competitors. It is thrilling, unpredictable and elemental.

The new brand identity has been rolled out across World Sailing’s digital properties alongside the release of a short film produced by New Moon highlighting sailors, coaches, sailing fans and sports fans reinforcement of the new positioning.

With a bolder colour palette, more accessible typography and the use of dynamic ‘sheet’ lines, the identity comes together to give World Sailing greater flexibility across both digital and traditional platforms. Making dramatic use of new photography shot in Rio , Adam Concar, rbl’s Head of Creative explained:

“We wanted to convey the sheer power and drama of being that close to nature. While many sports exist in controlled environments that are safe and predictable, sailing is the very opposite of that. This is elemental!”

rbl have been working with World Sailing since July 2016 and have helped the leadership team to translate the new strategic positioning into a host of different communications for both internal and external audiences. rbl have developed a brand architecture that encompasses all the competitive events owned by World Sailing including the World Championships for all classes. New guidelines have been produced that provide clear guidance for all external brand development partners.

At World Sailing’s 2016 Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain the new brand will come to life. Sailing will be laying down plans for a healthy sustainable future for the sport, as well as the more specific subject of sustainability in the waters of the world. The dialogue and engagement will be centred on an overarching theme of, ‘Our Sustainable Future’.

"World Sailing has to adapt and seize opportunities and our new positioning captures both the substance and emotion of why we all have a passion for sailing. This contemporary brand represents our new proposition and ensures we stand out in what is a very crowded marketplace. It provides us with the flexibility to meet the communication needs of a modern, complex, multi-channel organisation.”

Andy Hunt, Chief Executive, World Sailing

World Sailing Trust

In our ongoing support for World Sailing, we have developed the website for their new global charity, World Sailing Trust, which will promote the health of oceans and grow participation of the sport to protect its future.

The WordPress website is in keeping with World Sailing’s brand identity and focus on sustainability.

Take a look at it here: