17th January 2012

End of school report

To mark the end of an incredibly busy and exciting year, we asked our clients for a little honest feedback and gave them the opportunity to ‘let rip’ via our ‘End of School Report’.

We were happy to hear that our clients do actually appreciate our ‘honest and objective opinions’. That’s a relief – there is still a market for consultancy!

With ‘creative, strategic, proactive, responsive and reliable’ being the favoured buzzwords used to describe us, we were pleased to be marked as excellent for both ‘top level strategic and creative development’ and the ‘execution of tactical requirements’. The perfect blend!

Hailed as an ‘effective, open and honest sounding board for ideas and issues’, Rebecca has been credited for her ‘passion and drive’, for her ‘creativity’, ‘great lateral thinking’ and ability to ‘always challenge and push ideas’. We weren’t surprised by the ‘you can scare me’ comment in the approachability section. She scares us too at times!

Known to be ‘flexible’, ‘accommodating’ and ‘conscientious’, we have been thanked for our ‘quick turnarounds’ and ‘response to urgent requests’. Apparently we also ‘make working together very enjoyable’ by being ‘fun’ and ‘caring’. But we are also ‘nagging’ at times. (Well someone has to!), We have been described as a team that delivers ‘beyond expectations, with a ‘larger agency output at small agency cost’. We liked that bit!

Appreciated for her ‘refreshing approach’, her ‘efficiency in driving projects to completion’, ‘her effective tactics used to meet deadlines’ and her ease in dealing with ‘complicated internal politics’, Rebecca is ‘tenacious’, ‘on the ball’ and has helped her clients ‘turn big corners’ in 2011. ‘Nuff said.

Our favourites:
“Rebecca has never let us down. This level of service from a supplier is unique in itself!”

What more can we do to help? “Do one day in three for nothing, move to Marchwood, buy a yacht, preferably a large one; most of all, stay as you are!”

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