30th April 2014

The Value Of An External Brand Expert

Building a great brand strategy isn’t easy. If it were, we wouldn’t have a job.

One of the major challenges business leaders face is they struggle to step back from the detail in order to evaluate the bigger picture.

Getting advice and support from an external expert can really help. An external point of view can add value in 3 main ways:


1. A fresh perspective

Whether it’s helping to shape a dated business strategy, turn around an ineffective marketing plan or articulate a more compelling brand story, an alternative perspective will help highlight issues that have gone unnoticed by those too close to the action, help business leaders refocus attentions to what really matters and create a more strategic approach to their business.

Every now and again, no matter what size or sector, every business needs to take time out of ‘day-to-day business as usual’ and review the bigger picture.


2. Specialist skills

Often internal marketing or design teams will lack specific strategic or tactical expertise and/or their roles will be spread thin across multiple responsibilities.

Bringing in an external resource as an extension to your team can increase efficiency, boost internal creativity and ensure that ‘that thing you’ve always been talking about’ gets delivered.

When delivering large-scale projects or those that need maximum impact and exposure, it’s worthwhile seeking consultation from an external skill set as this is bound to add value in some form, even if it’s just to get you thinking differently or chase you to make something happen.


3. An impartial approach

The key to developing successful brand strategy is understanding how internal and external stakeholders feel about your business.

It is difficult for those in positions of responsibility within a business to get customers and employees to open up. Customers know that you have a biased opinion and employees may not feel comfortable being brutally honest. This is where an independent facilitator adds real value.

To gain the most valuable insights from your key stakeholders, you need someone who knows what questions to ask and how to extract maximum insight from the dialogue. Importantly, customers and employees need to know that their answers are being taken in confidence and will not be accredited to their specific name. In this way, you find that the real issues come to light!


Are you facing any of the challenges above? Maybe it’s time that you seek an external viewpoint to address your business challenges.


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Harriet Strzelecki

Head of Client Services

Harriet is the agency’s Head of Client Services and Studio Manager. She manages major client projects as well as a team of in-house designers.

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