1st February 2013

Erm, you know, what’s like not to like about like?

Listening to Radio 1 in our studio the other day, we were surprised by the number of ‘filler’ words (such as ‘like’, ‘sort of’, ‘kind of’, ‘you know’) used nowadays by both the presenters and their guests. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, it is a problem that seems to be becoming more common, with many people finding it a habit that is, you know, like, hard to kick!

We listened to ourselves speak and soon realised that we were equally guilty of this trend, or victims of it depending on your perspective. We even made a point of tallying up how many times each member of our team used ‘filler’ words and the results were surprising. These words are used frequently, yet they add nothing to the conversation. Slightly shocked by the results, we have since made an effort to monitor what we each say.

As a creative agency, we act as brand guardians on behalf of our clients. We’re used to correcting common grammatical mistakes made in literature and we thought it would be great to develop a piece of creative work that could highlight this trend of using ‘filler’ words in a way that was both exciting and lighthearted, but with a clear underlying message: to fight for clearer communications.

We produced a series of colourful cards and posters, featuring memorable speeches from the 20th century, with some added ‘fillers’, in an effort to show people the importance of inspirational communications. If you want to continue to inspire people with powerful ideas, cut through the noise and be a game changer in the marketplace, then you need to start by fighting for clear communications.







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    Harriet Strzelecki

    Head of Client Services

    Harriet is the agency’s Head of Client Services and Studio Manager. She manages major client projects as well as a team of in-house designers.

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