12th May 2016

When Coffee met Tea

Taking Leamington to London for Coffee Architects

Our friends at Coffee Architects, the ever-popular cafe in the heart of Leamington Spa, asked us to help them build some excitement around their appearance at the 2016 London Coffee Festival. Against the well-established London coffee scene, Sam and the team were determined to show that London isn’t the only ‘L’ word for great coffee!

As well as designing some beautifully simple comms – postcards, team cards, looping film, badges etc – we helped create their showstopper. The ‘When Coffee Met Tea’ Elixir took the show by storm.

A great time and, of course, excellent coffee was had by all – the day was a real success.

Sam Avery, the original Coffee Architect, commented:

“It’s really important for Coffee Architects to be at the London Coffee Festival to show our peers that we know about coffee, and that it’s all about people coming and tasting coffee from elsewhere but London. We do Coffee really well, but we’re one of a new breed of coffee shops, where food is important, but also the environment, the community and the vibe and I think that’s what we’ve brought today.”

rbl built Coffee Architect’s brand identity back in 2014 when they first came to being and we’re proud to still be creating unique content as they go from strength to strength…

Watch the video of their day out here.

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    Anna Berry

    Account Manager

    Anna is the part of the Client Services team, providing support to clients throughout brand development projects.

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